Pete Davidson Had A Matching Tattoo With Ariana Grande, But He Replaced It With The Word ‘Cursed’

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The relationship between Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson was a short ride, but a lot happened during it. While they were together, the two got multiple tattoos that commemorated their love for each other. Now that they’re separated, though, they have covered some of those up. Back in December, for example, Grande replaced some Davidson-centric ink with a tribute to Mac Miller. Now fans have noticed that Davidson has had an alteration done as well: He replaced a Grande-inspired tattoo with a clear sign that he is ready to move on from that relationship.

Yesterday, tattoo artist Jon Mesa posted a photo of some new ink he did on Davidson’s back, of the owl from the classic Tootsie Pop commercials licking a lollipop. In the top part of the photo, though, Davidson was also sporting a new tattoo that used red ink to cross out what was under it, and on top of that and in bold letter, the word “cursed” was written. Davidson’s tattoo originally said “Mille tendresse,” which is French for “a thousand tendernesses.” The significance is that Grande has had that same tattoo in the same spot since 2014.

Meanwhile, Grande had a big day yesterday: She won a Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Album, and she spent a good chunk of the evening tweeting about the awards show she chose not to attend.