Looking Back On Peter Gabriel’s Best Live Performances

02.13.15 3 years ago 13 Comments


Peter Gabriel is 65 years old today. To commemorate this occasion, we’re looking back at some of his finest performances, both with Genesis and from his solo career. Gabriel is a consummate live performer, known for adding plenty of flash and theatrics to his live shows. These six performances will indicate just how much of a showman Peter Gabriel is:

“Watcher Of The Skies” – 1973

“Watcher of the Skies” is the powerful opening track from Genesis’s 1972 album Foxtrot. Gabriel’s emphatic vocal delivery and intricate costume work give the song a great bit of extra flair. Okay, I’d be lying if I said exactly why Gabriel is dressed as he is (perhaps some more enlightened Genesis fan in the comments could explain), but his lively outfits frequently added a theatrical element to Genesis’s live show, and this was no exception.

“Dancing With The Moonlit Knight” – 1973

This is Gabriel in peak eccentric form, performing the opening track off 1973’s Selling England by the Pound. “I am the voice of Britain before the Daily Express,” he says in the songs into. “My name is Britannia.” Well, no one is arguing with him there.

“Solsbury Hill” – 1978

After leaving Genesis in 1975, Gabriel struck out on his own and had his first solo hit with “Solsbury Hill,” a song about his decision to leave the band. In this impassioned performance of the song, he sounds truly liberated, like he couldn’t have stood another five seconds with Phil Collins and Tony Banks.

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