NYC Radio Host Peter Rosenberg Explains Why Drake Called Him After He Criticized The ‘God’s Plan’ Video

New York radio personality Peter Rosenberg wasn’t feeling Drake’s “God’s Plan” video. Far from being impressed by Drake’s generosity in giving away the video’s $1 million budget to disadvantaged residents of Miami, his attitude on the February 20 taping of Ebro In The Morning was skeptical and almost snide in his cynicism toward Drake. Well, it looks like the usually coolheaded Drake felt more insulted than usual and called Rosenberg to confront his criticism after hearing his comments.

In the clip above, Rosenberg confesses that he heard the passion in Drake’s voice (while slipping in a subtle dig at Drake’s native Canadian accent) when he called to question, “What’s your problem with me?” Drake apparently further questioned how Rosenberg and Ebro could take a positive — Drake’s giving away his video budget rather than blowing it all on rentals or strippers — and turn it into a cynical take on Drake’s perceived disingenuousness.

Rosenberg elaborates that Drake originally got the news from his mom — you know, the only thing he loves besides his bed — and snapped on him because of the more or less incessant jabs that Hot 97’s personalities tend to take against him. Pete defends his position by positing that his perspective may be biased by their “weird” relationship. Drake, on his part, felt offended because the charity in the video was a lot more difficult to pull together than it may have appeared, requiring a lot of behind-the-scenes work to arrange.

It’s clear that whether the video was a cynical attention grab or a sincere expression of gratitude and grace, Drake was more affected by Rosenberg’s statements than he usually is by the constant meme-ing and mocking he endures online. Whereas, he usually appears to be in on the joke, it seems when it comes to giving, Drake doesn’t doesn’t see his charitable works as a laughing matter.

Check out Rosenberg’s original comments on the “God’s Plan” video below.