Pharrell Finally Reveals Why He Never Seems To Age On LeBron James’s New HBO Series

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Over the past several years, the internet has been baffled by 46-year-old Pharrell‘s seemingly immortal looks. If you look at photos of him in the 90’s and today side-by-side, it looks as though the “Happy” singer hasn’t aged a single day. Now it seems that Pharrell has finally revealed his skincare secrets, and it’s shockingly simple.

Williams talked about his skincare routine on an episode of LeBron James‘s HBO series The Shop. The series features unscripted conversations between the NBA star and various guests in barbershops around the country. In the latest episode, Travis Scott confronted Pharrell about the fact that he never seems to age.

“I Googled one time when I was like, 17, ‘how does Pharrell look so young?'” Scott tells the group in the scene. “I want to know if this sh*t is true.” He says his Google search informed him that the immortal Pharrell only washes his face with cold water. Pharrell said this was true, but added there was one extra step in his daily routine. “You gotta exfoliate like a f*cking madman,” the singer revealed.

A tweet from 2015 shows how many fans think the singer doesn’t age.

In 2013, Pharrell shared a quote from Mark Twain that reads, “Age is an issue of mind over matter.”

A fan immediately pointed out that Pharrell has “looked 21 since 1845.”