Phoebe Bridgers Got A Heartwarming Gift From A Fan After Sharing A Story About Ryan Adams Snubbing Her

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Phoebe Bridgers has said that one of her most beloved solo songs, “Motion Sickness,” is about “being in love with someone who is super mean to you… like conflicted feelings.” She later got more specific and said the track is “a song I wrote about Ryan Adams.” Bridgers spoke out against Adams following the abuse allegations made against him earlier this year, and recently, she shared a sad story about touring with him.

Responding to a post from The Niche titled “Every Line Of Motion Sickness Ranked By How Much It Makes Me Want To Give Phoebe Bridgers A Sword,” Bridgers tweeted, “I was on tour with Ryan on women’s day a few years ago and he got every woman on the crew a sword except for me.” There was at least one Bridgers fan who was so upset by her story that they decided to do something: Over the weekend, Bridgers shared a photo of a sword that a fan gave her after a show and wrote, “someone left this for me after the show last night I’m not crying you’re crying.”

The sword came stuck through a handwritten letter, which read:

“To protec
To attacc
To look f*cking tight as hecc.

I hope you like this (real, authentic) sword. You don’t need it, but you deserve it. Thanks for sharing your sad songs with us.”

Bridgers just began a tour with Conor Oberst in support of their new collaborative album, Better Oblivion Community Center, and during one of the first shows, they performed a cover of The Killers’ “Human.”