Phonte Coleman Announces His Long-Awaited Return To Music With ‘No News Is Good News’

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No News Is Good News. Midnight. #FEMusic #NNIGN

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Phonte Coleman may not be one of the most recognizable names in rap, but he’s one of the genre’s most respected veterans, influencing an entire generation of rappers and fans, including Drake. His work with Little Brother and Foreign Exchange has made his name pretty much synonymous with quality, but he’s only rarely capitalized on that cachet as a solo artist, only releasing one LP, Charity Starts At Home, in 2011.

Now, almost without warning, he’s making his return to the solo rap arena after multiple push-backs with a new album due tomorrow, March 2, entitled No News Is Good News. While the formerly prolific social media user has curtailed his use recently, he has maintained a strong following due to his work with Questlove as co-host of the Pandora Questlove Supreme radio show, and used his Twitter and Instagram to make the announcement directly to fans.

There isn’t much information in the post, aside from the title, cover, and release date, but fans still responded enthusiastically in the replies, posting celebratory .gifs on Twitter and exclamation point-filled comments expressing their excitement. Some have taken to wondering whether his longtime partners from Little Brother, Big Pooh and 9th Wonder, will be appearing, while others have simply expressed gratitude that the somewhat reclusive rap pioneer seems to have once again taken up his microphone to spit unique brand of hard-earned, well-worn insight and razor sharp wit. No News Is Good News drops at midnight.