Pink Sweats And Kehlani Grow Their Love In The Tender ‘At My Worst’ Video

It’s been a little over a month since Pink Sweats released his euphoric album Pink Planet, which aptly arrived just in time for Valentine’s Day. Following it’s release, Pink Sweats tapped the venerable musician Kehlani to join him on a remix of the fan-favorite track “At My Worst.” Now, the two have teamed up to share a lighthearted video to their romantic track.

The colorful visual, directed by David Karp and Courtney Loo, shows Kehlani and Pink Sweats courting each other at a retro gas station. Using flowers as a symbol of their love, they turn a simple bouquet into a lush garden.

Speaking about his Pink Planet LP in an interview with Uproxx, Pink Sweats said it was a way of offering fans a unique glimpse into his world:

“It was letting people into my world, the creative space that I made for myself to escape, I want to share that with everybody else. It’s like being a kid, but we’re grown. It’s like where you’re a child, some people at least have grand imaginations, but nobody can come to that place in your head. For me, I get to live out my childhood through music where it’s like I’ve created this place in my head and now I’ve been able to share with the world. Like some Bridge To Terabithia type stuff. You’re just bringing your friends on the rise, everybody wants to listen and give me a shot. So it’s like come on, let me show you.”

Watch Pink Sweats and Kehlani’s “At My Worst” video above.

Pink Planet is out now via Atlantic. Get it here.

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