Pink Sweat$ Lets His Talent Shine In His Performance On ‘The Eye’

The Eye is a new studio performance series where an up-and-coming artist will perform one of their breakout songs in a beautiful, minimalist environment. Starting things off is Philadelphia soul singer Pink Sweat$, singing the singles “At My Worst,” “Heaven,” and “Paradise” from his acclaimed debut album, Pink Planet, out now on Human Re Sources and Atlantic.

Hailing from Philadelphia, Pink Sweat$ has seen a swift rise to prominence propelled by his soulful vocal chops and low-key, acoustic production sensibilities. Breaking out in 2018 with his single “Honesty,” Pink Sweat$’ distinctive aesthetic and creative videos for “Honesty,” “Drama,” and “I Know” helped generate intense interest in his debut EP, Volume 1. Following the EP’s success, he released another, Volume 2, and completed the EP trilogy in 2020 with The Prelude. With each release, he not only grew his audience but also continued to impress with his skillful, emotive songwriting and earnest but playful approach to the classic Philly soul sound.

And while he’d set fans’ hearts swooning throughout this run with tracks like “Heaven” and “At My Worst,” it was the remix of the latter that truly announced his arrival on the biggest stage, pairing his sunny vocals with an equally bright foil in Kehlani, whose sweet singing provided the perfect balance to the song’s tender undertones. The song helped propel Pink Sweat$’ debut album, Pink Planet, to the Billboard 200, landing the duo a prime stage to perform on The Tonight Show in March, and earning the album a place on Uproxx’s list of the Best Albums Of 2021 So Far.

In an interview with The Eye, Pink Sweat$ characterized Pink Planet as “an album about one of the most timeless emotions… love. I wanted to express my love about someone I truly love and document that.” In that, he accomplished his mission: In March 2021, shortly after the album was released, Pink Sweat$ got engaged to his girlfriend, JL Bunny, who describes herself on her social media as a choreographer, creative director, and digital brand strategist. Per their Instagram posts, the R&B singer traded in his “Sweats” for a suit in his signature hue, proposing during a trip to the Dominican Republic. “The most important thing for my debut album was to create a timeless body of work,” he insists. “Something that doesn’t just make a lot of noise at first… but has a slow momentum where it continually grows.”

With more and more performances like those on The Tonight Show and The Eye, as well as more fans finding their way to his soulful songs, Sweat$ can count on achieving and surpassing that goal. His creativity and consistency set him apart, his one-of-a-kind look makes him instantly recognizable, and his relatable writing and undeniable vocal talent ensure that — like the emotion that he enjoys singing about most — he will be an artist who becomes truly timeless.

Watch Pink Sweat$ perform “Paradise,” “At My Worst,” and “Heaven” for The Eye above.

Pink Sweat$ is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.