PJ Gets ‘Honest’ About Love With Her Latest Diary Entry

This week, PJ opens up about love and the desire to be understood for her latest diary entry on her new single, “Honest.”

As an award-winning singer and songwriter, dating has not been the easiest. Speaking to Uproxx last month, PJ expressed her gripes on romance in Los Angeles and how she’s transforming that into a musical experience for her fans.

“I’m putting my career first, but just navigating this ocean that is dating in LA, which is hilarious and interesting,” she told us. “Now that I’ve been in an actual relationship and I’ve learned a lot of things, it’s like now I have other stuff to talk about other than grinding.”

And “Honest” is just an immersive manifestation of her dating encounters — the cross between a search of a balanced life that includes a successful career and love while battling through issues of anxiety.

“But I guess this is a love letter, coming to terms w/ the fact that the life I live puts me in a lot of stress and anxiety,” she penned in her personal diary entry about the song. “There are a lot of times where I’m stressed tf out and it might spill into my personal life. I just felt like asking to be understood. I’m hoping you can love me.”

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PJ carries these emotions vocally on the slightly upbeat, yet smooth track which falls in thematic line with her previous releases “Smoke” and “Run For Your Money.”

Listen to PJ’s “Honest” below.