‘Pokemon’ And ‘Fortnite’ Are Among The Most Mentioned Video Games In Song Lyrics

The Pokémon Company

A lot of people make music, which means that songs can talk about a host of different things. Some tracks are profoundly personal, but sometimes, artists are just singing and rapping about what they’re up to or enjoying at the moment. This means that a variety of cultural references find their way into songs, and now it’s been revealed that when it comes to video games, the game (or game series) that gets mentioned more than any other is Pokémon.

In the LyricFind database, Pokémon was mentioned in 129 tracks, like Pusha T’s Kanye West- and Jeezy-featuring “Amen,” on which Pusha raps, “Rollerball spikes, I’m Pokémon / Paris sh*t, Louboutin.” Fortnite made its way onto the top 10 list in the final spot, and that’s impressive: The game has only been out since 2017, and it’s the only title in the top 10 that was released this century. Between Pokémon and Fortnite on the list, from second to ninth, are Pac-Man, Street Fighter, Tekken, Mortal Kombat, Donkey Kong, Tetris, Zelda, and Mario Kart.

It’s not clear if this list counts songs that include words related to certain games — for example, if references to series mascot Pikachu are counted as Pokémon mentions — but regardless, this seems to be the best data available on the topic. Check out the full list below.