Polo G Runs The Empty Streets Of Chicago In The Intense ’33’ Video

Even though many regions are slowly starting to relax their “shelter at home” protocols for coronavirus prevention, many formerly bustling city centers still look like ghost towns, including Chicago, the eerie location for Polo G’s intense “33” video. Directed by Ryan Lynch, the video tracks Polo and his crew as they roam the deserted streets of their hometown at night, flashing money fans and dazzling jewelry and only occasionally observing face mask safety.

“33” is the latest track from the Chicago native’s new album, The GOAT, which released on Friday amid one of the more crowded weeks of hip-hop drops this year. Building up to the release, Polo appeared the moody video for “DND” and the high school takeover video for “Go Stupid” with NLE Choppa and Stunna 4 Vegas. He also made a guest appearance on fellow Chicagoan Lil Durk’s “3 Headed GOAT” with Lil Baby from Durk’s own Just Cause Y’all Waited 2, which also dropped this past Friday.

The new releases just confirm what Polo’s 2019 debut album Die A Legend and its flurry of singles suggested: That the “Pop Out” rapper has the versatility, depth, and insight to live up to his own lofty vision as one of the best young artists in hip-hop today.

Watch Polo G’s “33” video above.

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