Polo G Has Two Felony Charges Dropped In Miami

Polo G has been having a good past couple of weeks. After announcing the Hall Of Fame 2.0 deluxe edition of his No. 1 album (with 14 new tracks) last week, he also released the Michael Jackson-sampling “Bad Man (Smooth Criminal)” lead single. Now, the scales of justice have tipped in his favor as Miami-Dade County prosecutors have dropped two felony charges against him stemming from a June incident.

The charges were for battery of a police officer and threatening a public servant, which occurred in a physical altercation that the rapper had with two cops who pulled over his car. He was merely a passenger in a private car, along with his mother and manager, Stacia Mac. They both eventually went on social media to explain how there was no grounds for even removing the rapper — who was on his way back from his album release party — from the car. “1 of the officers told us they was on us since we got off our Jet…..” he posted on Twitter shortly after posting bail.

In June, Uproxx indicated that “According to Billboard and documents provided by Miami police, the rapper was stopped in order to be searched for weapons as a cop suspected they might be carrying some because they heard a passenger say the vehicle they were riding in was bulletproof.”

Being in a bulletproof car is perfectly legal and is hardly a cause to pull somebody over. It seems as though the Miami-Dade County prosecutor feels the same way here and have thus dropped the charges. And while Polo G is still facing two misdemeanor charges, his attorney told TMZ that “Polo will enroll in an anger management program, and once it’s completed the remaining charges will be dropped and the case will be closed.”