Polo G’s ‘Wishing For A Hero’ Video Chronicles Everyday Life In His Chicago Hometown

Polo G is soaking in the hype of his album The Goat, which the rapper released just a few days ago. While the quarantine has not made it easy for artists to keep up with a traditional release schedule surrounding an album, Polo G is still making sure his fans stay entertained with new videos. Celebrating his record’s release, the 21-year-old rapper offers a glimpse into life in his Chicago neighborhood with the “Wishing For A Hero” video.

Directed by DrewFilmedIt, the video follows a handful of characters as they navigate their daily lives in the city. “Well respected in this hip-hop, lil’ Polo be spittin’ facts / A lot of rappers doin’ way more stuntin’ than givin’ back / You ain’t my color, then you don’t know the struggle of livin’ black / Cops kill us and we protest, what type of sh*t is that?” he raps.

The “Wishing For A Hero” video follows a handful of visuals recorded in quarantine. In his latest video accompanying The Goat track “33,” Polo G illustrates the eerily empty streets of the usually-bustling Chicago metropolitan area. Ahead of that, the rapper filmed his quarantine routine for the moody “DND” video.

Watch Polo G’s “Wishing For A Hero” above.

The Goat is out now via Columbia. Get it here.