Pop Smoke’s Death Seems To Have Been A Targeted Hit, Not A Robbery

Pop Smoke tragically passed away yesterday morning after being shot in what seemed to be a home invasion robbery. However, there is reportedly new evidence that suggests the rapper’s death wasn’t the result of a robbery gone wrong, but that he was actually targeted in the shooting that ended his life.

TMZ reports that according to people who have seen surveillance footage of the outside of the home, the video shows four men approaching the house and sneaking around the back. After a couple minutes, three of them return to the front of the home, with the fourth having seemingly entered through the back. The next time the man is seen, he is exiting through the front door.

It initially seemed like Smoke’s death came during a robbery attempt, because he posted photos of himself with gifts, one of which revealed the address of the home where he was staying. In the surveillance video, though, it appears that the person who was in the house didn’t take anything out of it, which seems to suggest that robbing the place was not the intent of the visit.

Police are continuing to investigate the situation. So far, no suspects have been named or arrested.

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