Post Malone’s Merch Store Is Selling An Inflatable Pool Coffin

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Post Malone‘s new single, “Goodbyes,” may have come out during the Fourth Of July weekend, but a bouncy summer single it is not. The song is complex and dark, as Posty buries his vocals in layers of harmony and likens himself to Kurt Cobain (“too much pleasure is pain”). But the rapper is nothing if not self-aware. If listening to “Goodbyes” calls to mind a watery grave, Post Malone has merch for that.

As reported by HotNewHipHop, Posty dropped a new merch collection today. Although he hasn’t announced a new album this year, 2019 has been busy for Posty so far, and more new music is imminent. The merch drop features all the expected items — “Goodbyes” t-shirts and long-sleeves, digital albums and some cool lithograph posters. But Posty also dropped some fun warm-weather items, including a “Goodbyes” beach towel and an inflatable coffin pool float.

The coffin pool float isn’t entirely out of nowhere — the “Goodbyes” video features Malone as a zombie, and all the artwork surrounding the single is inspired by vintage horror movies. $75 is a pretty steep price for a pool float, but your average Costco pool float probably doesn’t come bundled with a digital album.

Check out Posty’s new merch at his store here.

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