Post Malone Shared Yet Another ‘Wow.’ Video, This Time For The Tyga And Roddy Ricch Remix

Pretty quickly, the world went from having no videos for Post Malone’s “Wow.” to having two of them. He released the song back in December, and even today, the track is still near the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart. He also shared a remix of the track featuring Roddy Ricch and Tyga earlier this month, and yet, the first visual for the song only arrived about a week ago.

Now, Malone has shared a video for the remix, and it features pretty standard music video fare. The video begins with concert footage of Malone performing the song live. Meanwhile, Ricch performs his verse not on stage, but in front of some luxury vehicles in a parking lot at night. Tyga does the same thing, accompanied by a group of women, and he also finds himself at a house party.

The previous “Wow.” video for the original version of the song is more of a behind the scenes look at Malone’s life, and most notably, it features 43-year-old, white-bearded dancer Mike Alancourt, who went viral dancing to the song. Of course, he busts out some moves in that clip as well.

Watch the “Wow.” video above, and revisit the first one here.