Preoccupations’ ‘Decompose’ Video Displays A Live Juggernaut In All Its Glory

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Following a long tour of North America, Calgary post-punk outfit Preoccupations present one last document from a run that had both extreme highs and lows. The relic is a clip for New Material standout “Decompose” in the form of a live video shot at a performance at Toronto’s Horseshoe Tavern. Of course, it’s not just a performance video. Perhaps taking a cue from the song’s title, the footage was shot on film by director Evan Henderson that had been frickin’ boiled for two weeks in a saltwater brine, resulting in the unique aesthetic of the final product.

While the band might remember their recent tour for the series of excellent shows, the lasting legacy of it will be one of resilience. The band was robbed twice on the jaunt, the last of which resulted in their van being stolen with all their gear inside. That didn’t sink the band, though. They were able to complete the run with borrowed equipment and fulfilled a GoFundMe campaign to replenish all their gear for future dates. Unlike this song’s title, Preoccupations are not ready to wither into nothingness.

Check out the clip for Preoccupations’ new video for “Decompose” above and look for New Material out now on Jagjaguwar.

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