Thanks To President Obama, You’ll Never Have To Pay Otherworldy Scalper Prices Again

With only weeks left in the Oval Office, President Obama has signed into effect Better Online Ticket Sales Act, or the BOTS Act of 2016. According to a statement from the White House Press Secretary, the BOTS Act will “prohibit the circumvention of control measures used by Internet ticket sellers to ensure equitable consumer access to tickets for certain events.” Thus, no longer do we have to worry about scalpers picking up five pairs of tickets to a show and selling them on StubHub for double or triple their list value.

This development comes only months after Hamilton creator Lin Manuel-Miranda teamed up with New York Senator Chuck Schumer to discuss the need for legislation like the BOTS Act after tickets for Hamilton were listed for up to 15 times their original list price.

In the hours since the announcement of the passing of the Act, Ticketmaster posted a statement applauding President Obama for taking a “step in the right direction for the fans.” The short statement, posted to Ticketmaster Insider,

The passage of the BOTS Act is a critical step in raising awareness about the use of bad bots, but the fight doesn’t end here. We’ve invested millions of dollars over the years to identify and block bots and we’re continuing to build new products to ensure that tickets get into the hands of fans.

Read the BOTS Act of 2016 in full here, and try not to worry so much the next time you’re waiting by your computer at 10 AM to grab tickets to see your favorite band.