Pusha T Suggests That Working With Kanye West Was A Little Awkward In Light Of His Politics

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Earlier this year, Pusha T called the “Make America Great Again” hat that Kanye West has famously worn “this generation’s Ku Klux [Klan] hood.” Meanwhile, the two collaborated on Pusha’s Daytona album, so it’s fair to assume that there could have been some real tension in that studio. Pusha was a guest on The Daily Show last night, and he addressed that during his conversation with Trevor Noah.

At about the 9-minute mark into the video above, Noah asked Pusha about Kanye wearing the MAGA hat, and while asking the question, Pusha interjected, “He doesn’t [wear it] anymore, no. He stopped.” Noah then asked Pusha what it was like working on Daytona with Kanye in light of their differing political views. While Pusha suggested that there was the potential for awkwardness, he said the two had “real conversations” and were still able to “connect so well” because of that:

“Can you imagine having those conversations while he’s trying to make my album? He basically has my life in his palm and I have to tell him that I hate something. We always have real conversations, though. Always. I think that’s why me and him connect so well, and I think that’s why Daytona came out so well. It’s a give and take. If I don’t like something, I say it and he tries to correct it, and so on and so forth.”

Pusha and Noah touch on a variety of other topics during their 12-minute conversation, so watch the whole thing above.