Fans React To Pusha T’s Verse Being Left Off Rick Ross’ New Album, ‘Port Of Miami 2’

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Last month, Rick Ross revealed the surprising news that his then-upcoming album Port Of Miami 2 would include a song that features both Pusha T and Lil Wayne. Of course, the shock there comes from the fact that those two have had bad blood with each other for a long while now. Ross said of the track, “What I did was I put together a record without either one of them knowing, because I feel like, you know, we will put this behind us one day. The real question, is the time now? And it may not be the time now, we’ll have to see on August 9th.”

It is now August 9, and looking at the final Port Of Miami 2 tracklist, what we see is that this unexpected collaboration didn’t actually come to pass. Lil Wayne features on “Maybach Music VI” (as does John Legend), but Pusha’s verse is nowhere to be found. (Interestingly, no featured artists are credited on the track, although other guests are credited elsewhere on the album, as seen on Spotify.) The original version of the song featuring Pusha T does exist, though, as it leaked last night.

Ultimately, it hasn’t been confirmed why Pusha T didn’t appear on the released version of the song. Pusha T collaborator Upscale Vandal even said on Twitter that Pusha’s verse was cleared even after he learned that Lil Wayne was also on the song. What we do know is that this story has people talking. Ever since this news surfaced, Pusha T has been the talk of social media, with some fans saying the verse should have been on the album, lamenting the fact that it’s not, and speculating that it was left off due to the fact that the leaked verse includes some shots at Drake.

Check out some of the finest Twitter reactions below.

Port Of Miami 2 is out now via Epic Records. Get it here.