Pusha T And Swizz Beatz Link Up On The Gritty ‘Godfather Of Harlem’ Song ‘No Patience’

Following the TV series Godfather Of Harlem debuting its first season last month, the series’ composer Swizz Beatz (and the Godfather Of Harlem team) has released 13 loose tracks today, featuring the likes of Pusha T and Rick Ross, among others. While the tracks aren’t available to listen to as an official album on streaming services like Spotify, all of the tracks are available as singles, with the artist credited as “Godfather Of Harlem.”

One of the standout tracks is “No Patience,” with Pusha and Beatz credited as featured performers. Over a nostalgic beat reminiscent of the early ’00s, Pusha waxes poetic for two verses, while Swizz fills in the ad-libs and the chorus: “I ain’t got no patience,” Swizz says. “This clip in the sparrow guaranteed to make you famous / Man, we’ll make you brainless / The mask, the gloves; God damn, man I’m dangerous.”

Pusha picks up where Swizz left off in his first verse, with his perpetual (but not overkill) lyrics illustrating the perspective of somebody used to life on the streets. “Needles, noses, dosage after dosage until the sale closes,” Pusha raps on the first verse. “Until the casket gets filled with the ghosts on a face that shows no emotion / I’m selling love potion, Chanel No. 9, the scents camouflage but it ain’t hard to find.”

Pusha recently rapped on a remix of HBO’s Succession theme song as well, while Swizz was last seen on The Tonight Show with Rick Ross.

Listen to “No Patience” above.