Hear PWR BTTM’s Existential And Elegiac “New Hampshire”

PWR BTTM is the queer as f*ck Brooklyn duo who smashed gender binaries and most of your ideas about pop punk with their full-length debut last year, Ugly Cherries. Liv Bruce and Ben Hopkins have been tirelessly touring behind the record, and this fall it will be re-released in the UK by the inimitable independent Oxford-based label Big Scary Monsters. That edition of the album will include two new bonus tracks, “Projection,’ and today’s “New Hampshire.”

Plenty of the songs on their debut already referenced place, including my personal favorite “West Texas” (so many Motion City Soundtrack vibes), and this one easily transforms the state into an elegiac and existential ode to the persistent march of time. Come for the lullaby vocals and unrelenting affirmation of sadness, stay for the gorgeous guitar solo that begins circa 2:05. It’s difficult to come up with a band that in the course of the last year has done a better job of weaving past musical influences with future politics while still presenting everything in an extremely personal way. Listen to the new track below and do check out Ugly Cherries if you haven’t heard it yet.

If you’d like to pre-order the UK re-release it’s available here.

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