Marlo, Offset, And Yung Miami Of City Girls Get ‘Soakin Wet’ In The Latest Quality Control Video

With Quality Control Music‘s next compilation, Quality Control: Control The Streets Vol. 2, coming soon, the promo train is running full steam ahead to get the Atlanta-based label’s latest collection of singles in front of their voracious fans. Earlier this week, DaBaby and Lil Baby linked up for the song appropriately titled “Baby,” and now, Marlo, Offset, and Yung Miami of City Girls pitch the perfect pool party to plug their own splashy single, “Soakin Wet.” Check out the Edgar Esteves-directed video above.

Fittingly for a song titled “Soakin Wet,” the water theme runs throughout. First, the three rappers flex on a yacht (sadly, labelmate Lil Yachty does not make an appearance although Lil Baby does cameo in the pool scenes), then, the action shifts to a model-filled pool party sequence at a Miami resort as they continue to perform and show off their jewelry. Yung Miami actually gets in the pool, twerking on a pool float and showing off impressive balance by not flipping the thing over and ending up in the water. Miami’s been pretty busy carrying the torch for City Girls, even pregnant — she also appears in the video for YBN Nahmir’s “F*ck It Up,” twerking on a golf course.

While the video evokes the carefree days of summer, the actual song sound like more of an anytime, club staple, which will probably help the longevity of both the single and the Quality Control: Control The Streets compilation. Control The Streets Vol. 2 is due August 16 via Quality Control Music and Capitol Records.