Quavo Literally Balls Out In His ‘Space Jam’-Inspired ‘How Bout That’ Video

Quavo is pretty well known for his hoop skills, so it’s only right that he threw a massive, outdoor basketball game for his Space Jam-inspired video for “How Bout That” from his solo debut album, Quavo Huncho. The video, shot by director Kid Studio in the Capitol Records parking lot, features cameos from the rest of Migos as dunk contest judges and players from LA’s own Venice Basketball League, complete with a cartoony Quavo Huncho mascot, cheerleaders, and a band.

In the intro, Quavo’s deflated team enters their locker room looking down, only to be offered a bottle full of “Quavo’s Secret Stuff,” a reference to the infamous locker room scene from Michael Jordan’s 1996 foray into acting alongside Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, and the rest of the Looney Tunes. When they come back out, led by player-coach himself, they immediately run off an impressive win against their opponents, while Quavo shows off his handle and his hops to dunk so hard he “breaks” the backboard. Then, it’s off to the press conference, where he uses the expressive, ad-lib-filled song lyrics to answer reporters’ questions.

Quavo Huncho was the first of Migos’ solo albums, followed by Takeoff’s The Last Rocket, with Offset’s own album possibly releasing December 14, his birthday.