Quavo And Lil Yachty’s ‘Ice Tray’ Video Takes Shots At A Certain Rap Curmudgeon’s Salty Attitude

The various disagreements between Migos and Joe Budden and Lil Yachty and Joe Budden are well-documented. For some reason, the Everyday Struggle host just does not like any of these new rappers and isn’t shy about letting them and their fans know about it. Until now, those rappers’ responses have been relatively low-key; while Migos almost got into an altercation with their grumpy elder, a fight was avoided for the time being, while Lil Yachty chose to stay relatively above the fray — fan-gifted apparel notwithstanding. But now, both Quavo of Migos and Yachty are finally addressing the beef in the most hilarious fashion possible with their video for “Ice Tray” from Quality Control’s Quality Control: Control The Streets Volume 1 compilation.

The video starts out with a full recreation of the Everyday Struggle set, complete with stand-ins for DJ Akademiks, Nadeska, and of course, good old uncle Joe. Questioned about his “real” issue with Migos and Lil Boat, the Budden stand-in tosses his hat in a fit of pique and declares “I never had ice like them!” In Joe’s defense, while it is true that he has always been decidedly more low-key about showing off his checks, he seems to be doing okay. That doesn’t stop the Quality Control cohort from stunting, flexing, and shining all through their video to further emphasize their point. To them, Budden is just mad he’s not living like them. Considering Joe’s seeming departure from Everyday Struggle due to contract disputes, they may not be all that far off.