Questlove Got A Call From Barack Obama But Thought He Was A Postmates Driver

Last night, Questlove stopped by Late Night for a chat with Seth Meyers, to speak primarily about his Oscar-nominated documentary Summer Of Soul. While there, he told a great story about Barack Obama calling him to offer his congratulations for the nomination.

Questlove started the story by noting at the time, he was hungry and waiting on a Postmates delivery driver who was taking longer with his food than expected. While he’s usually wary of answering phone calls due to rampant spam, he got a call and since it could have been from his driver, he picked up the phone. Questlove continued the story:

“The person didn’t say much, and I was like, ‘Yes, on the duhduhduh floor, duhduhduh floor! Apartment duhduhduh!’ And he was like, ‘Uh… hello?’ I said, ‘Yes, duhduhduh floor!’ He said, ‘Uh… this is Barry.’ I said, ‘Barry?’ And I looked at all the texts: ‘The president is calling you right now! The president!’ Like literally, I has missed all my managers texting me that Obama’s about to call me in a second. […]

Even he said, ‘Uh, well, you think I’m, uh, Postmates?’ And I was like, ‘Wait, you know what Postmates is?’ You know what, though? I was so hungry at the time, I kinda wished it was Postmates.”

Elsewhere, he spoke about how the film’s success has exceeded his expectations, saying, “At least I know with music what a goal is, but with the movie world, I just had no clue. I just wanted to make something really cool and hopefully they were gonna show it in a few classrooms, and then maybe discover it 20 years from now, like, ‘Yo, you know Questlove did this thing?'”

Watch the full interview above.