Questlove’s Ten Most Notable Musical Collaborations

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06.11.12 11 Comments

Recently, someone asked me if I could be any TV character ever, who would I be? I, of course, chose someone from The Simpsons because I’ve made it my life’s goal to include at least one Simpsons reference in everything I say/write. Oh, I’ve wasted my life. But if that question had expanded, to include anyone in pop culture either fictional or real, I would have first said Scrooge McDuck (that money pool!), followed by Questlove.

Simply put, Questlove is the sh*t. He’s an amazing drummer and producer, owns a to-die-for record collection, loves Alison Brie, hangs out with Obama, warns Occupy Wall Streeters of upcoming cops in riot gear, and has collaborated with seemingly every musician ever. Just in the past week, he and the rest of the Roots performed “Call Me Maybe” with Jimmy Fallon and Carly Rae Jepsen AND he got D’Angelo to perform on a U.S. stage for the first time in 12 years. Is there nothing he can’t do?

Here are 10 of the Roots’ drummer’s most notable musical collaborations.

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With: Blackalicious (for their album, Blazing Arrow)

With: Fiona Apple (for her album, Extraordinary Machine)

With: tUnE-yArDs, Angelique Kidjo, and Akua Naru

With: Jay-Z, Mary J. Blige, Ghostface Killah, Beyonce, and everyone else in Fade to Black

With: Q-Tip

With: DJ Jazzy Jeff

With: Christina Aguilera (for her album, Stripped)

With: Stevie Wonder, Dougie Fresh, Chick Corea, Paul Shaffer, Ray Chew and the Crew, Yolanda Adams, and Take 6

With: Mos Def, Jeff Bradshaw, and Brass Heaven

With: John Mayer (for his album, Heavier Things, plus the famous Chappelle’s Show sketch)

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