Internet Comedian Quinta Hilariously Contemplates Jhene Aiko’s Infamous ‘Groceries’ Line With Zack Fox

Red Bull Radio

Internet comedian Quinta Brunson often tackles awkward subjects on her fun Facebook show Quinta Vs. Everything, but fellow jokester Zack Fox pushes her even more outside of her comfort zone than usual when Quinta appears on Zack’s Red Bull Radio show, Bruh With Awful Records. Among the topics discussed: Big Dick Energy, living in Los Angeles, Azealia Banks’ many controversies, and Jhene Aiko’s infamous “groceries” line from Omarion’s hit single “Post To Be.”

In a promotional preview excerpt of the interview, the host and guest jokingly declare that the latter the defining moment of Aiko’s career and say it deserves a Nobel Peace Prize for making anilingus a mainstream discussion.

Quinta Brunson: I think about that lyric every day.
Zack Fox: “Eat the booty like groceries.”
Quinta Brunson: Because she sung it like an angel. It changed everything. We weren’t prepared.
Zack Fox: It’s how I will remember her career.
Quinta Brunson: Yeah, me too. I think about all the time. I’m serious. She can do anything else. I don’t care if she wins a Nobel Peace Prize. I’m gonna remember her singing that like an angel.
Zack Fox: She’ll probably get the Nobel Peace Prize for saying it.
Quinta Brunson: For saying that. I think that pushed an era toward the ass, if you will.

Tune in today, June 27 at 6 PM EST to catch the full episode.