The Woman Who Bailed Out R. Kelly For $100,000 Reportedly Wants A Refund

According to Chicago Sun-Times reporter Mitch Dudek and Complex, the woman who posted R. Kelly’s $100,000 bond earlier this year now wants her money back, as the embattled singer wound up right back in jail less than a month later, indicted on federal sex trafficking charges and sexual abuse charges in two separate cases in two separate jurisdictions.

Valencia Love says she met Kelly on a boat cruise, becoming his “friend,” and paid the bond in four installments of $25,000 to get him released when he was arrested in February of this year. The actions did not go unnoticed; Love says she later received bomb threats at her businesses, including the daycare where she allegedly no longer worked. It’s unknown whether she used the money earned from her Chicago-area businesses — several restaurants and a childcare facility — to pay the bond, although she refused to divulge exactly where the money came from in an interview with Fox32 News.

Now, she says she wants the money back since R. Kelly was indicted in a separate, federal investigation into his alleged sex crimes. Kelly pleaded “not guilty” to all the charges against him, but with so many charges in multiple cases — including a new one in Minnesota — it seems unlikely he’d be able to dodge a guilty verdict in all of them.

Although she said she had “no knowledge of federal investigations in New York or Illinois when she posted bond,” it looks Love is out of luck; according to Dudek, the judge denied the motion to give her a refund.