Jonny Greenwood Called This SpongeBob-Filled Video History Of Radiohead’s Discography ‘Perfect’

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Everyone, it would seem, loves SpongeBob SquarePants. You can even count among that number Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood. SpongeBob has taken on a new life these past few years through meme-ification. The bubbly Nickelodeon character and his band of friends, like Patrick, Mr. Crabs, and Squidward have been co-opted almost endlessly by the Internet class to hilarious result, including this new video that manages to capture the aesthetic of each and every Radiohead album.

Incredibly, Greenwood is a fan of that clip! After watching it, he described it as “perfect in so many ways.” It’s actually quite refreshing given the band’s reputation for being somewhat cold. Then again, Greenwood himself has never been afraid of taking the piss every now and then.

I wonder which depiction he liked the best? Pablo Honey is shown as a sort of campfire jamboree with SpongeBob on guitar. The Bends is depicted as a breakdown-inducing tearjerker. OK Computer is a stilted portrayal of a near-dystopian worker-bee reality. Kid A get the shiny, shimmering, alternate Bikini Bottom landscape. I personally like Amnesiac, which shows Patrick asking SpongeBob if he’s recently “Acquired a taste for freeform jazz?”

The whole thing is absolutely riotous, especially if you’re a Radiohead fan. Check it out above.