In Honor Of Jamie-Lynn Sigler’s Birthday, Let’s Remember Her 2001 Album ‘Here To Heaven’

In 2001, Jamie-Lynn Sigler was on top of world, starring as the sassy Meadow Soprano on HBO’s game-changing drama The Sopranos. In order to plan ahead for the show’s five-season run coming to a close, Sigler attempted to pursue her original passion for music and ended up releasing an album, called Here To Heaven. Listeners’ ears were never the same.

Released via German-owned label Edel America Records, Sigler’s debut project is a mishmash of brazen teeny pop, over-the-top ballads and Spanish versions of the aforementioned atrocities. The project was delivered during the Britney Spears era and is clearly geared toward her dramatic demographic, but comes across like a Spalding quality copy and wouldn’t even warrant an appearance in Adriana La Cerva’s club.

If you can listen to the cringe-worthy single “Cry Baby” long enough to hear Jamie-Lynn’s voice, you can tell her 19-year-old chops are rough around the edges, but not totally terrible. The problem is that she’s being set up to fail in every other regard.

Her production is confused, stuck somewhere between “Genie In A Bottle” and a WWE theme song, coupled by lyrics that sound like they’re from a Facebook meme. The video features her pushing away a creepy guy in orange pants… who starts off the video by stabbing her with his tongue and groping her ass? The clip above is a microcosm of the whole album.

In 2007, Sigler herself fessed to the mess, telling Vegas magazine, “I was part of it — but I hated every moment of it. I was faking it the whole time.”

Ah well. Considering most of us were doing way worse things with our time at that age, we’ll give Miss Meadow a pass for this audible blunder. We won’t, however, forgive her for throwing rolls at Uncle Junior, during Jackie Jr.’s wake. Ugh. How classless.