Has Remy Ma Been Sneak Dissing Nicki Minaj?

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There can only be one crown when it comes to female hip-hop and it currently belongs to Nicki Minaj. The rap diva just logged her 70th Billboard Hot 100 hit, surpassing Taylor Swift in the records book. But ready to snatch the crown back is Remy Ma. Ever since the Bronx rapper was released from prison a few years ago, Remy’s been proving critics who thought she couldn’t recapture her early aughts run wrong. “All The Way Up” was a smash record and recently earned Reminisce two Grammy nominations. But is “The Queen of New York” feeling herself a little too much?

Rem went on a social media posting spree Wednesday night with a couple of bars that has Nicki Minaj fans giving her the side-eye. On top of bigging up her accomplishments in the last two years, the 36-year-old flame spitter dropped a line that many fans feel is shade to Nicki. “All this talk about my son and your son I’m hot and ya whole world revolve around me b*tch I am the sun,” Remy tweeted.

The line was initially said during her Funk Flex “freestyle” last week, but it fell on deaf ears until she went on that posting spree Wednesday night. So now Nicki Minaj fans are bothered because Nicki owns the trademark to “these bitches is my son” which means Remy must’ve been throwing shots.

For what it’s worth, Remy has praised Nicki in the past.