Rexx Life Raj Ruminates On Keeping It Real In His ‘Lockheed Martin’ Video

Rexx Life Raj recently said he hadn’t been able to make much new music during the pandemic, but what music he has released since then has been stellar. Of course, there were songs like “Tesla In A Pandemic,” celebrating his recent financial come-ups, and the California Poppy 2 EP that doubled down on the success of its predecessor, and more recently, the Untitled EP, which held meditative songs that helped give him peace in tumultuous times. But today, he’s back to boasting, releasing the swaggering yet contemplative “Lockheed Martin.”

Complete with an accompanying video of Raj rapping at the port, “Lockheed Martin” positions the burgeoning Bay Area star as both a grizzled sage and a hedonistic money-making machine, switching from bars about turning “a square b*tch into something off of Pornhub” to mocking “grown men infatuated with gangsta rappers.” He flexes but also advocates fiscal responsibility, rhyming, “If I can’t cop it three times, then I am not coppin’.” Then he lays out his plays for the future, involving investments, farming, and therapy, as well as continuing to keep it real and make sure his friends and family stay paid and all his dreams get accomplished, “shootin’ for the stars like I’m Lockheed Martin.”

Watch Rexx Life Raj’s “Lockheed Martin” video above.