Rhymefest Squashed His Beef With Kanye West And Kim Kardashian Over Their Co-Owned Charity, Donda’s House

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Two long-time friends, Kanye West and Rhymefest, went through a rift about a year back. Things got ugly as Rhymefest called out Kanye for not helping the charity foundation, Donda’s House, that he and Ye both set up after the passing of Kanye’s mother, Donda. After calling him out on social media, Kim took the route of asking him why he couldn’t have privately addressed Kanye, but also on social media, which blew everything up into a very public story.

Recently, Rhymefest was on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and it looked like the three of them are cool. They openly addressed the situation and drama. It seemed as if Rhymefest was very willing to discuss.

“Kanye is from a village. And the village was feeling like our dear brother turned his back on the village,” he said in the clip before speaking on it further with Sway. “Me and Ye grew up together but if me and Kim ain’t right, then it’s difficult for me and Ye to hang out and be right, in our brotherhood. So I had to have a conversation with his wife about who I was.”

Ye responded very quickly to that expressing that Rhymefest could’ve picked up a phone and called him rather than making it public. To that, Rhyme mentioned that he did call first, the two had an arrangement to do something for the community (likely through Donda’s House), and Kanye never followed up on his promise. The old friends pretty easily came to the understanding that Kanye was going through a lot in his life at the time and it seemed to be forgiven.

It seemed like more of the problem came between Kim not understanding Kanye and Rhymefest’s relationship as you can see by the tweets below. Kim accused Rhymefest of “spreading lies” and doing it in the name of Kanye’s late mother.

While Kanye and Rhymefest clearly differed at the time on political ideologies such as Kanye’s red hat, Rhyme took a second to make sure that people understood that Kanye is still a good person and that hasn’t changed in a lot of ways. He even went as far to mention how he’s seen family members and once-close friends steal from Kanye and he understood that Kim was just defending her husband.

“He’s extremely sensitive,” Rhymefest started. “But the one thing I can say about Kanye, he’s never tried to hurt anybody. And I can’t say that for everybody.”

It’s good to see that the two are seemingly back to being brothers. You can watch the full clip below. The Kanye comments start at the 9:15 mark and continue on for a few minutes after that.