Rick Astley Rickroll’d An Entire Festival Crowd With The Help Of The Foo Fighters And Nirvana

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The Rickroll is one of the staples of the internet. You think you’re headed to watch some amazing video or see some incredible new, exclusive content and boom, Rick Astley is serenading you to the sounds of his 1987 No. 1 hit “Never Gonna Give You Up.” It’s hilarious, frustrating and a surefire sign on the internet that you just got owned. It’s great harmless fun and everybody loves it, even when they’re the fool that fell for it. Astley himself seems to enjoy the whole phenomenon, as it helped him score a new No. 1 album a few years back, and another big fan of the RickRoll appears to be the Foo Fighters frontman Dave Grohl.

The band has used the Rickroll before, trolling a group of protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church at one of their concerts before. Now, they’ve done it again, and this time Grohl used the most famous song from his former band, Nirvana, to Rickroll an entire festival crowd in Japan.

The Foo Fighters and Astley were both on the bill at the Summer Sonic Festival in Japan, which created the perfect opportunity for a Rickroll and Nirvana mashup and Grohl seized the opportunity. “Ladies and gentlemen, would you please welcome our new best friend, Rick Astley,” Grohl announced to the crowd as he brought Astley on stage. “This is f*cking crazy. I just met him two minutes ago.”

As everybody expected the “Never Going To Give You Up” tune to drop, Grohl said “I gotta remember how you do it, hold on,” before the band began playing “Smells Like Teen Spirit.” Then, the epic Rickroll went down as Astley began belting out his famous track after rocking out to the legendary Nirvana tune. Eventually, after singing the words “I just want to tell you how I’m feeling,” Astley screams to the crowd “I’m feeling f*cking marvelous!”

Check it out int he video below.