Rick Ross Debuted An Unreleased Verse From Kanye West’s ‘Famous’ During His Verzuz Battle

As they’ve done for the past four months, Timbaland and Swizz Beatz’s Verzuz platform returned with yet another highly anticipated battle, this time between Rick Ross and 2 Chainz. Many fans gathering around to see if their favorite would pull away with the win, while others showed up simply to pass almost two hours of their time with good music. At the end of the battle, the general consensus was that Rick Ross pulled away as the winner in tonight’s bout. However, as the battle came to a close, Ross decided to share a treat with fans in the form of an unreleased verse.


Dating back to 2016, Ross shared an unheard verse he had on Kanye West’s 2016 track “Famous” off The Life Of Pablo album. The track — which was released with verses from West, a hook by Rihanna, and background vocals from Swizz Beatz — faced a large amount of ridicule thanks to its Taylor Swift reference, one that was worsened when West displayed a nude sculpture of Swift and others in the song’s video. For what it’s worth it may have better for Ross to stay out of the mess that followed with the official version of the song, but fans were still upset that his verse was removed from the song as they took to social media to share their reactions.



Press play on the video above to hear the unreleased verse.