Rico Nasty Nearly Confronts Someone Who Threw A Bottle At Her During A Concert

Recently Rico Nasty hasn’t had the best time at shows. The musician is currently serving as an opening act on Playboi Carti’s Narcissist Tour, but concertgoers haven’t been treating her well. The most recent example occurred at a Portland, Oregon show, after someone allegedly threw a bottle at Rico. She quickly paused the show and said, “Who, b*tch?” while looking into the crowd for the culprit. “Be specific […] who was it? Who the f*ck was it? Who the f*ck was it? Where they going? Somebody come get this.”

Rico then jumped off the stage and attempted to climb into the crowd before she was pulled away by a member of her team.

This latest incident comes after Rico expressed her displeasure after she was booed during her performance in Los Angeles earlier this month. “This is what the f*ck we gon’ do for you disrespectful muthaf*ckers out there,” she said to concertgoers at the show. “B*tch, we gon’ sit in muthaf*ckin silence! Don’t you f*cking play! What you think this is, b*tch? It’s not that.”

Rico later expressed her grievances on Twitter. “Y’all mothers should have swallowed you little pissy frogs,” she wrote. “Anti black ass crowd. Weak ass little boys wit blonde pubes. Ugh. Get me out of here.” As for the Portland incident, Rico and Playboi Carti have yet to issue a response.

You can watch the incident in the video above.

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