Rihanna Is All About The Forehead As She Makes Her Pick For Which Actress She’d Want Starring In Her Biopic

Most people would have a hard time finding something to criticize Rihanna about (well, except for how long it’s taking her to release a new album). Rihanna is fine with picking on herself, though, as she’s been known to bust out some self-deprecating humor about her forehead. Now she’s back at it again with the forehead talk as she makes her pick for who she’d like to portray her in a movie.

Earlier this week, on the red carpet of a Fenty Hair launch event on June 10, Rihanna was asked about who should star in a potential biopic about her. She responded, “Taylor Russell. You know why? Because she’s got, like, a nice forehead. She’s, like, fly. And I feel like I want to be her, so I want her to pretend to be me. I want people to see me in that light.”

The Canadian actress is known for starring in the Netflix series Lost In Space, as well as the movies Waves and Bones And All. She hasn’t publicly responded to the Rihanna shout-out yet, but she did supposedly have a significant connection to the music world recently: It was reported last month that she and Harry Styles broke up after nearly a year of supposedly dating.

Check out the Rihanna interview clip below.