Rihanna Is Officially A Billionaire By A Mile, According To ‘Forbes’

Rihanna hasn’t been active in music for a few years now, but that doesn’t mean she hasn’t been working hard. The opposite is true, as she has been busy building Fenty into a huge empire. All that work has paid off, as Forbes now declares that she is a billionaire.

They estimate her worth to be $1.7 billion, with $1.4 million of that value coming from Fenty Beauty, of which Rihanna owns 50 percent. Savage x Fenty (which has an estimated value of $270 million) and her music career make up the bulk of the rest of her value. All in all, this makes her the richest female musician in the word and the second-richest female entertainer (behind Oprah).

Meanwhile, Rihanna previously hinted that she’d like to do something with music this year, saying, “2021 is a little unknown for everybody and nobody is sure what restrictions there are going to be. My creativity is within my control, though, and I want to take my music and my brands to a different level.” Before that, she noted, “I’m not just going to put music out because people are craving it. I’m going to make it worth the wait – and it will be worth the wait.”

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