Finding Out What Outfit Rihanna Was Wearing On Your Birthday Is A New Internet Trend

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Rihanna fans who spent any amount of time on Twitter over the weekend may have been excited to see their idol’s name on the top trending topics, but unfortunately, it wasn’t because she announced the long-awaited new music they’ve been impatiently anticipating since 2016’s Anti. Instead, they got to participate in social media’s latest viral trend: Searching your birthday with Rihanna’s name and sharing the resulting images of her outfits on that day. While some were genuinely disappointed, many were eager to plug in their birthdays and join the fun.

Ironically, Rihanna’s own birthday is just a few hours away; she’ll be 31 tomorrow, February 20, having accomplished more in that time than the majority of folks ever will. She’s begun a burgeoning career as a movie star with her role in Ocean’s 8, she’s got her own wildly successful and inclusive lingerie and makeup lines, she sneakily became one of the game’s best rappers in 2017, and she even turned down a Super Bowl performance because she has beef with the NFL, making her one of the few artists with the cultural cachet to do so (the NFL may want to watch out; she nearly tanked Snapchat’s stock last year over a tasteless ad). It’s no wonder people want to associate themselves with the mutlihyphenate any way they can.

Of course, the responses range from skeptical (“At first I was dubious of the whole ‘Google Rihanna and your birthday’ thing…”) to darkly humorous (“me ignoring the news of my country continuing to dismantle itself and googling Rihanna outfits for everyone I know’s birthdays”) to outright dramatic, but the common element was the joy in discovering one of Rihanna’s many, many iconic, outlandish, innovative, or effortlessly casual looks. Check out some results below.