This Music Festival Wants You To Drink Your Own Urine


Sounds strange, right? The idea of your urine turned into something you can consume? Well, the fine folks at Roskilde Festival recently launched a program that recycles festival-goers’ pee in order to create beer.

With assistance from the Danish Agriculture and Food Council, Roskilde is catching people’s pee in special storage tanks and then sending them to nearby farms, where it will fertilize barley. Through this grain, beer for the 2017 festival will be brewed.

“Beercycling is about changing our approach to waste, from being a burden to being a valuable resource,” said the DAFC’s Leif Nielsen in a statement. “Today, the huge amount of urine produced at the festival is having a negative impact on the environment and the sewage system and treatment plant in Roskilde. Beercycling will turn those many liters of urine into a resource.”

Although it’s unknown if any of the performers at this year’s event used the urinals (here’s to hoping Paul McCartney did, and we all learn the secrets of being a great songwriter and whistler by consuming beer), plenty of attendees did, according to the Guardian. Many festival-goers took pictures and videos of themselves using the system as well (warning: you will see pee).

Such a concept coming from Roskilde Festival shouldn’t be a surprise. This is the same event that puts on an annual “Naked Run,” after all.

Anyways, cheers to those magical farmers transforming our kidney juice into a refreshing pilsner for 2017’s festival!


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(Via the Guardian)