Rozwell Kid Is Paying Fans To Help Them Finish Their ‘Boomerang’ Music Video

West Virginia’s Rozwell Kid are truly one of a kind. They’re a hard rock band complete with infectious hooks and shredding riffs, and their latest effort, Precious Art, was an unexpectedly wonderful collection of power-pop songs.

You might have noticed that the above video only spans the first twenty seconds of Precious Art track “Boomerang.” That’s because the band’s latest trick is a contest asking fans to help them finish the video in whatever way they see fit.

“We’re looking for a handful of fans to truly let their talents shine,” reads a statement on their website. “Are you a filmmaker? Are you a dancer? A juggler? An animator? A magician? A puppeteer? Great! We want to see whatever makes you YOU.” The band is now taking submissions for ideas, which will then be vetted before choosing six winners to contribute to the final cut of the video. Those lucky six will receive instructions for what is expected of their segment and will have one month to submit their footage. What’s better is that the winners will actually be receiving financial compensation for their efforts!

Check out the full rules of the contest and submit your idea on the band’s website. Precious Art is out now via SideOne Dummy Records.