Fisher-Price Releases An Adorable Line Of Collectors Edition Run-DMC Little People Figures

Once upon a time, hip-hop was largely considered to be “for the children,” to paraphrase ODB. Then those kids grew up and had children of their own. Fortunately, some of them got really cool jobs like being toy designers at Fisher-Price, so they could transfer the simple joy of early hip-hop to their kids and ensure that the above-mentioned axiom remains true for another generation.

The children’s toy company is set to release a new collector’s line of its Little People figures featuring rap pioneers Run-DMC. The figures will be available for purchase at Amazon today, with the price set at $14.99. In addition to featuring all three members, the toys break Little People tradition with DMC’s figure eschewing the line’s usual “give me a hug” pose for his signature crossed arms stance.

These are pretty cool for any longtime fan who wants to share their interest with their toddlers and get them hooked on hip-hop culture early — or, you know, just for sticking on a shelf for display. You can find more information on And speaking of collector’s items, Run-DMC may be one of the most collectible groups in hip-hop history, with a ton of fun things from comics to limited-edition vinyl to their name.