Run The Jewels Team Up With Lil Wayne For A Raucous ‘Ooh La La’ Remix

I can’t write a better intro than the one Lil Wayne drops on Run The Jewels’ nuclear bomb from last year, “Ooh La La.” Weezy comes out swinging, landing haymaker after haymaker in a verse stuffed with electrifying, face-scrunching rhymes. If it seemed like Lil Wayne would feel out of place on a track with the anti-establishment Run The Jewels rappers El-P and Killer Mike, he lays those fears to rest near instantly.

The remix is one of the new tracks appearing on the newly released deluxe edition of RTJ4, which also adds a new mix of “JU$T” with Pharrell and Zack De La Rocha, the Royal Blood remix of “The Ground Below,” and the rebellious rap duo’s Cyberpunk 2077 soundtrack contribution, “No Save Point.” There are also instrumental versions of all the songs on the original album, giving fans a chance to try to rhyme like Lil Wayne over favorites like “Walking In The Snow” and “A Few Words For The Firing Squad.”

RTJ4, which El-P and Mike dropped at the height of the pandemic quarantines, was eventually tabbed as one of 2020’s best albums. They’ll be touring the project with Rage Against The Machine beginning in 2022.

Listen to Run The Jewels’ “Ooh La La” remix with Lil Wayne above.