Russ Humble-Brags About Jay-Z And Rihanna Listening To His Music On Twitter

Thursday, Russ took time to brag to his detractors in a peculiar way on Twitter , with a post revealing that megastars Jay-Z and Rihanna listen to him. Russ, addressed his haters writing, “Whole lotta sh*t I wanna talk but imma just say this…aside from my amazing fanbase, for all the ‘wHo LiStEnS tO rUsS?’ questions… JAY Z &; RIHANNA, THATS WHO Suck my d*ck.”

In October, Rihanna posted a video on Instagram of her walking to the tune of Russ’ song “Best On Earth” with Bia. Rihanna endorsed listening to Russ, writing “thank you @bia and @russ for my new fav song #BestOnEarth.” In addition, Jay-Z’s best of 2019 year-end playlist included Russ. Earlier this month, Russ expressed his admiration for megastars, saying, “I think it’s insane, the disrespect and the dismissiveness that people have because we all know DMX, Lil Wayne, Nicki (Minaj), and T-Pain passed away today it would f*ck the world up.” Earlier this year, Russ announced he’s writing a self-help book. Russ released a trio of songs as well, with “On 10,” “Rent Free,” and “Summer at 7.”

Listen to Russ’ song “Best On Earth” with Bia in the clip above, and read our review Russ’ EP Zoo here.

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