Russ Rolls The Dice, Hoping To Get ‘Lucky’ In Love

Russ takes a hard right turn on his latest loose single, “Lucky,” moving away from the moody sounds of his prior efforts this year like “Bankrupt,” “Private,” and “Status,” and even departing from more braggadocious fare like “Ugly” and “Small Talk.” Instead, he picks an uptempo, dancey instrumental with a four-on-the-floor beat to sing the praises of his latest paramour. He opens the track crooning about just how lucky he is, before switching to a quick-step rap cadence suggesting all the thrills he has planned for his romantic partner.

Commenting on the track’s YouTube stream, Russ thanked fans for supporting him, even on left-field departures like “Lucky.” “Thank you to all of you forreal!” he wrote. “I just like making whatever I’m feeling at the’s therapeutic for me so for y’all to get somethin from the music too means a lot.”

The New Jersey rapper-singer’s near-constant stream of new music is one of the reasons he called his career “pandemic-proof” last year as he continued to advocate for artist ownership. Of course, it probably helps that in addition to his music, he’s got multiple other streams of revenue, including his recently launched strain of cannabis, which he called the “best studio weed.”

Listen to “Lucky” above.