Saint Jhn Canceled His ‘Roses’ Video Shoot With Future And Will Instead Donate The Budget To Charity

As demonstrations continue across the country to protest police brutality and the murder of George Floyd, many musicians have offered their support. Twitter was flooded with screenshots of financial donations, Gunna performed a livestream concert to benefit Floyd’s family, Jay-Z took out newspaper ads across the country, and Halsey described being tear-gassed and shot with rubber bullets in an LA protest. Now, Saint Jhn is offering his financial support by diverting a video shoot budget to charity.

Saint Jhn recently teamed up with Future for a remix of “Roses.” The track arrived last Friday, and this week Saint Jhn was supposed to film an accompanying video. But instead of going forward with the shoot, the rapper asked his label for the full budget and donated the money to bail funds and black-owned businesses across the country.

Announcing his charitable act on social media, Jhn said he even managed to raise the video’s budget by $40,000:

“I was gonna shoot a video for the remix to Roses that me and Future just did, we were literally gonna shoot it in the next 2 days. I just got off the phone with La Reid, I asked him to bump the budget from 60k to 100k, then I asked him to give me the video budget and don’t ask what I’m gonna do with it. He agreed.”

He seems to have chipped in an additional $25,000 of his own money as well, because he goes on to note, “I’m donating 125k across Bail Funds and black owned businesses affected right now.”

Read Saint Jhn’s full statement below.