Sango Announces His New Album Is Coming Soon With The Angelic ‘South End’ Short Film

Seattle-based producer/DJ Sango appears to have finally finished preparing his long-awaited album, In The Comfort Of, and released a short film to celebrate and announce its impending release. Titled “South End,” the film uses “One More Thing,” the fifth track from the forthcoming project, as its soundtrack as it depicts a day in the life of a young man in Seattle and his struggles to avoid the dangers of the streets — with some help from above.

Sango says of the project: “This short film is about the youth of South End, Seattle and how we must protect them from harm. They have a future ahead of them, and It’s important we highlight that. We have to make sure we uplift them even when they don’t want to accept the reality of growing up. South End forever.” This sentiment is echoed in the prayer that “South End”‘s protagonist’s grandmother recites at the beginning of the film, prompting his visions of an angel guarding him against the pitfalls in his path as he and his friends wander the town.

While In The Comfort Of doesn’t have a concrete release date yet, Sango advised that the album is “coming soon,” and will feature guest appearances from up-and-coming rapper Smino and soul singers JMSN and Xavier Omar. Sango previously worked with JMSN and fellow producer Ta-Ku on the 2015 track “Love Again.”