Saweetie Explains Why She Might Be A Better Athlete Than Quavo

Bay Area rapper Saweetie sat at the Hot Ones table today and as she barely survived the Wings Of Death, she revealed her business advice for new artists, broke down Bay Area slang, and explained why she might just be a better athlete than her boyfriend Quavo.

After Hot Ones host Sean Evans noted that Saweetie’s grandfather once played for the San Francisco 49ers and asked which half of the couple “throws a tighter spiral,” Saweetie immediately responded, “Me,” explaining that she was nominated “Female Athlete Of The Year” at her high school and boasted “my name will forever be in the gym.” She elaborated that she competed in track, volleyball, and powderpuff football, saying, “Hey, I got an arm.” Quavo, of course, was his high school’s quarterback in 2009, leading his county in passing yards. However, the team only went 1-9 that season — which didn’t stop Quavo from posting his highlights on Twitter or hosting an annual Huncho Day neighborhood outreach celebrity game. He also regularly pops up in rapper pickup basketball footage, plays in the NBA’s All-Star Weekend celebrity game — earning MVP in 2018 — and even held a streetball tournament at the filming of his “How Bout That” video.

Maybe the couple will finally settle the score on an episode of Saweetie’s Icy Life YouTube show or in a music video for her upcoming album, Pretty Bitch Music. In the meantime, check out Quavo’s adorable story about how he slid in Saweetie’s DMs here and Saweetie’s new single “Back To The Streets” here.

Watch Saweetie’s full Hot Ones appearance above.

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