Saweetie Premiered New Music And Answered Fan Questions In Her ‘Icy Season’ Amazon Special

It may not be the full TV show I campaigned for last week, but Saweetie’s new Amazon special, “Icy Season,” is a perfect snapshot of exactly the qualities that make the Bay Area star so fascinating onscreen. In addition to putting the live band treatment on her fan-favorite hits — including a holiday remix of her breakout song “Icy Grl” — Saweetie shows off her upbeat personality, plays piano (with claws, no less!), and answers fan questions while sitting down with co-hosts Symone from Drag Race and Instagram comic Rickey Thompson.

She also debuts for the first time in a wide-share format the new song “Icy Chain” from her upcoming album Pretty Bitch Music. While she’s performed the song onstage a handful of times at recent festival appearances, this is the first time it’s been played during a widely accessible show. During the show, Saweetie and her co-hosts also promote the Calvin Klein brand, making the special a bit of a cross between a talk show, a variety show, and the Home Shopping Network.

While it’s unclear whether this is the event Saweetie teased would “unfold during the holidays,” she still has an SNL performance coming up later this month, so it’s possible that the official release date for PBM is still forthcoming.

Watch Saweetie’s “Icy Season” special here.